Equipment Prescription
KayMag Occupational Therapy can prescribe appropriate adaptive equipment (assistive technology) to enable independent participation in activities at the home, school or work.

Examples of assistive tehnology include:

  • Manual handling and transfer equipment
  • Seating and positioning supports
  • Environmental control systems
  • Computer / touch screen technology
  • Pressure reducing equipment - cushions, mattresses 
  • Bathrooms equipment – shower, toilet, bath etc
  • Long handled dressing and grooming aids
  • Kitchen aids
  • Mobility equipment - wheelchairs, walking frames etc
  • Ergonomic equipment for school, home and office
  • Bed mobility equipment - bed rails, bed stick etc.
  • Hand splints and upper limb braces


  1. Standing Hoist
  2. Technology
  3. Assistive technology
  4. Motorised Mobility Scooter